Jewish Family Journeys

Our Program

Jewish Family Journeys is program that provides an alternative to Jewish education for families with children in Kindergarten. The program was started in September 2010 in response to the needs of many of our younger Temple families. Jewish Family Journeys takes us beyond the typical synagogue based family education programming and provides a unique learning and social experience for those involved.

JFJ families create a small community within the larger temple community that studies, celebrates holidays and socializes together. Participating families help design the curriculum and any supplementary programming that is done. Last, Jewish Family Journeys takes place during regular religious school hours which enables families to participate while their other children are in also in class.


A family-based alternative to religious education for families with children in Kindergarten.


  • To provide young families with an opportunity to experience Jewish living and learning together on a regular basis
  • To encourage and motivate families to add to their Jewish knowledge
  • To better prepare families to more fully celebrate Judaism at home
  • To help families create Jewish memories 


  • Parallel learning for adults and children
  • Family based experiential learningtrips
  • Shabbat dinnersholiday celebrations
  • Family-centered projects


“A Trip through the Jewish Year” focusing on the history, meaning, traditions, customs, communal and home observances of the Jewish holidays and holy days.


When does the program meet? Sunday mornings from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. which includes Family Tefillah with the school community followed by specially designed classes, projects and programs from September through May.

How often do classes meet? There will be 2 sessions per month for parents and children with optional classes for children on other Sundays.

Who are the teachers? Cantor Meredith Greenberg, Rabbi Marc Katz, Rabbi Ari Perten, Morah Debbie Winter and other skilled educators. Experiential learning programs will be supervised by Iris Schwartz, Director of Education.

Is there a cost to participate? Regular religious school tuition will be charged for each child. There is no tuition for adults. Fees for trips or other special programs are additional.

What if I have an older or younger child? Siblings can participate in trips, holiday and Shabbat programs. Older siblings must be registered and regularly attend religious school classes.

What commitment must a family make to participate? Each child and at least one parent must attend the twice per month sessions.  Families are asked to make a commitment to be involved for the entire school year.

Who can participate? Temple members with children in Kindergarten.

How will Jewish Family Journeys benefit my family? Participation will strengthen Jewish knowledge for both parents and children and better prepare families to more fully celebrate Judaism at home. Through learning and doing as part of a small community of learners Jewish Family Journeys families will develop relationships that go beyond the classroom.

Contact Iris Schwartz, Director of Education, at for more information.