Rosh Chodesh Womens Group

The first of each Jewish month--the celebration of the new moon, its slender crescent barely visible in the night sky--is a day historically associated with women's renewal and celebration.  In recent decades, Rosh Chodesh has become an occasion for Jewish women to gather for learning, ritual, and spiritual exploration, and to mark life passages. (

Our Temple Ner Tamid Rosh Chodesh Chavura began in 2009. Our group meets monthly between the months of Elul (Aug.-Sep.) and Sivan (May-June).

The groups' diversity is it's greatest strength. Lead by Cantor Meredith Greenberg and Cantorial Assistant Ronni Pressman, the group has explored through text, chant, drumming, singing, dancing, artistic and literary midrash, and the rituals keep on coming.

The Jewish calendar is formulated on a luni-solar calendar. Therefore, each month the group may meet on a different day of the week than the month prior, depending on when Rosh Chodesh falls and when the synagogue leadership and space is available.

The group always meets at 7:00 pm and continues until approximately 9:00 pm.

Dairy or pareve snacks are always welcome.

For more information regarding each month's ritual continue to check back to this web page for updates or contact Cantor Greenberg at or Cantorial Assistant Pressman at