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A New Wise Aging Group Now Forming

The Wise Aging series is a groundbreaking program designed to engage the social, emotional and spiritual needs of those in our communities reflecting on how they are aging and their hopes for the years ahead. Wise Aging incorporates readings, discussion, contemplative listening, journal-writing, and mindfulness meditation, all enriched by Jewish text study.
Topics include reviewing our life themes and events, considering the body as it ages, cultivating nourishing relationships, learning to live with loss and facing dying, forgiveness and reconciliation, and legacy and stewardship. 
Interested members of Temple Ner Tamid, Bnai Keshet and Congregation Shomrei Emunah may join. This small, intimate discussion group is based on your active participation throughout the series.
When: 8 Sunday afternoon sessions from 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Dates: Jan 26, Feb 9, 16, 23, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22
Location: Shomrei Emunah, Montclair

Please contact  Andrea Peyser or  Linda Ariel to register. Andrea or Linda, the Wise Aging program facilitators, will contact you to confirm your participation in the group and to respond to any questions that you have. 

Aging Parents Support Group

It’s often a difficult transition, becoming the caregiver for aging or sick parents. Most of our lives have been spent with the parent being the adult, the mentor, the.....PARENT. Now that role is shifting and they may becoming people you don’t quite recognize. Our “Caregiving Aging Parents” group meets monthly to discuss issues around the challenges and blessings of this time of life. Come monthly, or as a drop-in when needed. This month we will discuss, “Our needs as Caregivers”.

Our dates are the first Tuesday nights of each month at 7:30. Upcoming dates are January 7, February 4, March 3, April 7, May 5, June 2.

Seeking Food Drive Volunteers!

Temple Ner Tamid runs a monthly food drive for the Human Needs Food Pantry at Brookdale ShopRite. We simply ask shoppers to buy an extra item or two to donate, and we collect thousands of bags of groceries every year for the local families served by the food pantry. It’s an easy and satisfying way to make a difference. Please volunteer for a two-hour time slot! Signing up is easy:

  1. Click here to access our invitation page on SignUp.com. 
  2. Enter your email address (you will NOT need to register an account on the site)
  3. Choose your spots!

Questions? Please contact Lauri Hornik

The food drive dates for 2020 are January 12, February 9, March 8, April 19, May 17, June 14, July 19, August 16, September 13, October 18, November 15, December 6.

TNT Israel Fiction Reading Group

The next book that will be read and discussed in the TNT Israel Fiction Reading Group is “Waking Lions” by Ayelet Gundar Goshen. The date for the discussion will be February 23rd at 7pm and we will announce shortly where the event will be hosted.  Nineteen people had signed up for the group and fourteen members were able to attend that first discussion. By all accounts, it was a wonderful and interesting, in-depth discussion as all fourteen attendees contributed during the session.

To sign up for the next session, please click here. There is no charge but we need an exact head count and we want to communicate with you about the location and about future books we’ll be reading. Even if you are already “enrolled” in the group from the first book, you still need to sign up for “Waking Lions.”

 About “Waking Lions:”

I must say that this novel was one of the best novels I have read in the last two years. It is filled with moral dilemmas, ethical choices, marital relationships and cultural insights. It all takes place in Israel and it’s filled with drama, intrigue, blackmail, detective inquiries, and too much more to detail here. And it is a page-turner!

I am including part of a review here because I feel so many of the reviews of this fine book “give away” too much plot information which, for me, is better experienced through the reading of the book.

Review by: David Cooper for the New York Journal of Books

“Ayelet Gundar-Goshen’s (One Night, Markovitch) second novel Waking Lions starts as a moral drama in its first 14 chapters and becomes a suspenseful crime thriller in its final 11. Its strength lies in its third person narration’s shifting perspectives that develop its characters’ backstories and dramatic situations in the first part and its page turning pacing in the second part, in which the novel’s unanswered questions are resolved.

Eitan Green is a neurosurgeon who after discovering his supervisor’s unethical conduct has been exiled from Tel-Aviv to Beersheba’s Suroka Hospital in the Negev desert, which is like being transferred from New York to Albuquerque. That piece of bad luck establishes Eitan as an initially ethical person who doesn’t go along to get along.  To compensate for the demotion and perhaps as part of a midlife crisis Eitan buys a red SUV to drive at high speeds on empty moon-lit desert roads after long hospital shifts. Perhaps this overcompensating or midlife crisis explains why it doesn’t occur to him that an exhausted driver should drive within the speed limit and go straight home to get some sleep. With Janis Joplin on the vehicle’s high-end sound system filling his ears and his eyes on the desert moon he runs over a man crushing his skull. The man is an Eritrean illegal immigrant, and in a lapse of moral judgment Eitan, who has sworn to save lives, decides the wound is mortal, that the man will die even if driven to the hospital, and fearing that even an accidental killing could cost him his career, gets back in his car and abandons his victim.”

I think that the 300 pages that follow that incident will hold your attention and promote some very interesting discussion! I hope you’ll join us.

Norm Pollack

Social Justice Opportunities

As Rabbi Katz mentioned in his Yom Kippur sermon, it’s his hope that everyone in our community will chose something this year that they can do that will animate them and give them an occasion to give back. While some of you will choose things outside of TNT, many are looking for help in navigating the many opportunities right here.

For this reason, he hopes you will visit our website and fill out this form  where you will find a list of opportunities to give back. Some of them are direct service (feeding the poor, housing the homeless). Others are opportunities for advocacy (working to help the undocumented members of our community). Still others are inward focused, helping us to take care of the sick and bereaved in our own community. If you have any questions, reach out to Rabbi Katz.

Rabbi Katz Honored by the Essex County Freeholders

Essex County knows diversity is our strength. With anti-Semitism on the rise in New Jersey and across the country, it’s important to recognize Jewish Heritage Month and the many contributions of members of our community. Congratulations to Linda Scherzer from the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ and Rabbi Marc Katz on their well-deserved recognition by the Essex County Board of Freeholders. Click here to see photos.

Career Bank at TNT

Rabbi Katz’s Kol Nidre sermon spoke about the need for Temple Ner Tamid to meet people at the most important moments in their life. Among those, we know that finding a job that is fulfilling and meaningful certainly fits the bill.

For this reason, we are launching a community-wide initiative that will help us to create the caring community that we all desire.

We are putting together a Temple Ner Tamid Career Exploration Bank that will link Temple Ner Tamid job seekers with those who are already working in their desired field for an informational interview about their work. Another purpose of the Bank is to provide a resource for children of TNT members who are exploring career paths and making important life decisions before, during and after their college years.

The “Bank” will live online and in a folder at Temple in the office. Here’s how it will work: Job seekers or career seekers of any sort (recent graduates, mid-career or later in career or even Hebrew high school students) will reach out to other TNT members who have indicated a willingness to make themselves available for an informational interview (phone or in person) and a career/job chat. It’s a 45-minute commitment each time you do it – and you can help a TNT community job seeker at a REALLY important time.

Step 1 is to build the bank of volunteers willing to talk with other TNT members about their line of work – or a former line of work. As a mentor, all you need is 45 minutes and a willingness to talk about your line of work in an informational interview. 

Please let us know if you would be willing to take part and talk to interested job seekers.

Sign up today to be a mentor! 

Rabbi Katz was the first to sign up. All potential future Rabbis, he wants to chat with you.

Will you join us in this effort to link members of our community and support them in a search for a meaningful career?

Temple Ner Tamid's Amazon Store

Shopping via Ner Tamid's Amazon store won't cost you anything, but it does allow Temple Ner Tamid to earn about 6% from most purchases. All of your Amazon shopping benefits Temple Ner Tamid. Please click here to access Amazon.com and then after shopping, proceed to the checkout. Ner Tamid's commission will be credited automatically.